Patriotika (2017)

Musical theme for this comic created by Ron Z. You can visit the official website Kickstarter.


Mundo Desconocido (2017)

Background music for the videos of the channel Mundo Desconocido.

Stone Sorceress (2016)

Official soundtrack for the animation series. Visit the website at Patreon.

Radio Sapiens (2013)

Musical theme for scientific-cultural digital radio. In Soundcloud.

SoSE: Maelstorm (2013)

Additional music for the video game mod Sins of a Solar Empire.

El Guerrero Interior (2012)

Musical theme for the intro of the channel El Guerrero Interior.


Daughter of Fear (2011)

Additional music for the Steve Bishart movie. Look at it Youtube / IMDB

Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny (2010)

Additional music for the mystery video game. More info on MobyGames.

Last Chance (2010)

Music trailer for the movie of the American Cinema International.

Twin Sector (2009)

Original music for this video game of action and adventures.
More info on MobyGames.


Godspeed: One - Secret Legacy (TV 2008)

Official soundtrack for the animated film, for TV broadcast. IMDB

Godspeed (2006)

Official soundtrack for the fantastic and science fiction short film. IMDB